A social platform for building, publishing & distributing immersive content.
Meadow reveals a vibrant world of immersive art, films and games placed around the city, at events, and in your home.
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Effortlessly publish your AR and VR projects. No need for bespoke apps or custom networking architectures.
All in one place
Museums, companies, and event organizers use Meadow to overlay a virtual world onto their physical spaces. Bespoke applications are expensive and redundant after the event. Meadow provides immediate access to a growing community interested in immersive experiences.
Meadow can be used for:
• Galleries showcasing virtual art
• Events adding an interactive virtual layer
• Museums creating immersive visitor experiences
• and much more
See your surroundings transform into a canvas for art, games, films, and more. Share your experiences with your friends and explore new dimensions together.
Create your own gallery
Users can browse through a feed of digital content and share the moments they experience. They use the app to create their own gallery in their home and join their friends in social experiences remotely or at exhibitions in their city.
From displaying virtual objects to creating complex multiplayer interactive experiences, Meadow allows many forms of artistic expression.
No coding skills required
Use our tools to create captivating virtual experiences with no coding skills required. The platform is integrated with Unity, and allows you to upload your creations directly to Meadow. More platforms will be supported soon.
Meadow is built for smartphones and mainstream headsets. Creators are able to create content targeting multiple platforms simultaneously.
All in one place
Art institutions use Meadow to display a new layer to their exhibitions without having to spend large amounts of money on bespoke apps that people often hesitate to download and become useless after the exhibition.
Meadow enables exhibitions by
Meadow will be publicly available in 2024.
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